A Selection of Clips

The Times (UK)
British Appetite for American Cool 

How I Survived Royal Ascot's Strict Dress Code

2 Perfect Days on Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail
Royal Style: How to Wear a Hat Like Kate Middleton
London's Poshest Picnic Hampers (One Even Comes With A Butler)
Fine Dining 100 Feet Suspended Above London
Your Ticket to the Toughest Table in London: Chiltern Firehouse
Prince George's Gifts Displayed in 'Royal Childhoods' Exhibit at Buckingham Palace
Eccentric London Restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard, Opens £3 Million Club Room

Conde Nast Traveler (US edition)
New London Café Offers Unlimited Coffee, Tea and Food for 3 P/Minute
London Cocktail Week Creations We'd Like to Have Now, Please (with Gif!)
On the Scene: Eats and Drinks at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Street Festival in London

BBC Travel
Seeing Barcelona by Sidecar
Feast at London Tobacco Docks
Boutiques Barge into the Olympics
London's New Booze-Free Bar
The Olympics' Many Cultures
Daily Olym-pix

What to Wear to London's Buzziest Eateries

The Lifestyle Mirror
Dior at Harrods
Princess Di Fashion Rules Kensington Palace Exhibit 2013

Glamour (US edition)
16 Relationship Rituals Real Couples Use to Stay Connected
What 100 Calories of Your Favorite Halloween Candy Looks Like
10 Popular Healthy Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Recipes

New York Magazine
store profiles:
Andrew’s Ties
David Cenci
Pink Olive
Jane Packer Flowers

Time Out New York
Get Wired Without the Coffee Break

Stuff We Love: Yoga Gear Guide
5 Ways Your Workout is Hurting the Environment
7 Stars Who Embrace Their Cellulite
9 Superfoods That Could Save Your Life
9 Foods That Help You Look Better Naked
Get a Full-Body Workout in Spin Class