For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed telling stories -- slightly long drawn-out ones that probably only my parents were interested in hearing. Thankfully I soon became interested in telling other people's stories, which lead me to pursue a degree in journalism from University of Missouri. After graduation, armed with a student visa and a propensity for all things English, I moved to London to intern for Marie Claire and CNN.

After perfecting my tea-making and puddle-hopping skills in the Big Smoke, I landed a job as an health and fitness editor at iVillage in New York where I was promoted three times in five years, launched three websites and collaborated with 'Today' show experts and producers on dozens of co-branded TV segments. Fulfilling my dream of working at a magazine, I moved to Hearst to lead the website for Redbook magazine for a couple of years. 

About two years ago, I quit
 quit my job to travel around the world for a month and head back to Blighty where I launched a freelance career covering the Olympics for BBC Travel, writing travel and lifestyle pieces for various US and UK publications as well as consulting on editorial branding and voice for clients such as and Momondo Group.